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My book features Robert Lichello's Automatic Investment Management (AIM) system with my ideas for improving the AIM system, including how to use AIM in a severe Bear Market and how to use it to make tremendous profits with long-term options (LEAPs).

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Learn an easy way to invest that works great in Bull AND Bear Markets! My book is now available in a beautiful new e-book Adobe Acrobat edition for only $20.00. The book contains my latest information on how to use this easy investing method in Bear Markets and now includes new long-term options (LEAPs) strategies to make even more profits. The book comes with several great free bonuses - see below:
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Make 15% - 30% a year with stocks; make 50% - 100% or more a year with LEAPs!!!!!

Book Summary

Title of Book: I Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Make Money or Here Are the Customer's Yachts
- Investing Advice - Easy way to make big profits with stocks and long-term options (LEAPs)
- 276 Pages (eBook in Adobe Acrobat)

The book shows a simple formula that tells you when to buy, when to sell or when to do nothing in Bull or Bear Stock Markets for both stocks and long-term options (LEAPs). The formula also shows the investor how much to buy or sell. Using step-by-step directions, any investor can learn the simple formula in a short amount of time and start making big profits. The formula reduces risk for investors and tips in the book help teach the formula, show how to adjust it in Bear Markets and show why the formula works. The formula will only take an investor about one hour a month and is simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

To further help investors, each book will come with a FREE One-Year subscription to my newsletter showing the best stocks for the newsletter. It is in HTML and has hot links.

  • You get a FREE one-year newsletter subscription showing the best stocks for the book.

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System Earns 1343% vs. 236%
for Dow over 10 Year Period!

Here is a summary showing how a Closed-End portfolio, Conservative portfolio, semi-aggressive portfolio and Dow Jones portfolio have done over the past 10 years - AIM is long-term system and you will see below just how good it works for you over the long haul.

Semi-Agressive Portfolio 10-Year Returns
Dow Jones Portfolio 10-Year Returns

Conservative Portfolio 10-Year Returns
Closed-End Fund Portfolio 10-Year Returns


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This book will explain the system and show you many profitable ways to use it. You will learn how to make 20-30% AFTER commissions on stocks & funds and over 50% on long-term options (LEAPs). It also shows you how to easily manage your investments. For very nice e-book Adobe Acrobat edition, your cost is only $20.00. E-mailed to you within 24 hours!

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Jeff's Buy Low Sell High Advisor:

The purpose of my newsletter is to help you pick the best stocks and long-term options (LEAPs) for the system in my book. You'll learn why I like certain stocks and LEAPS and see the model portfolios. The newsletter also contains the web site of the month, and a book review on a good investing book, and other useful information.  You will be able to email me and ask me any questions about my book you want.

The Idiot Wave Tom Veale has used the AIM Investing Method for years and has created an excellent site with a tremendous amount of useful information.
AIM Advise Calculator
Simple, easy to use AIM calculator provided by Tom Veale.

Customer Testimonials:

"Jeff Weber comes to you highly recomended. He has been a very professional, and highly knowledgeable Stock Market/Investments instructor for the Ramstein Community Activities Center from 1991 to 1994.

Mr. Weber is a very dedicated and dependable instructor. Due to his expertise and knowledge of the stock market and investment programs, the seminars that he has instructed were always full with a waiting list. many prospective students have expressed disappointment that Mr. Weber would no longer be in the area to provide this service.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Jeff Weber for his outstanding contribution towards our Community Activities classes. Our best wishes go with him for his future endeavors!"

Sincerely, Linda Crom - Acting Director Ramstein Air Force Base Community Activities Center, Ramstein Germany

"Hi Jeff,

Just like 2005, 2006 is also very profitable year for me. I took your recommendations in your monthly letter very seriously & acted on them AIM gives me a sense of security when I start new stock positions. I don't have to get them right the first time. If I miss it which happens at least 50% of time I can always adjust them later, overall you win at the end. I can comfortably handle fluctuation between - 70% and + 70%. I'm considering using LEAPs that you suggested. Thank you very much for year of 2006 & have a wonderful Christmas."

- Mike Zong

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