• Tech Antitrust Crackdown is Exactly what AIM Investors Like to See

    The US Congress has announced that they will open hearings and investigations into major web companies such as Facebook and Alphabet/Google. The US House Judiciary Committee said on Monday June 4 2019 that it plans a bipartisan probe into “competition in digital markets.” The scope of the probe would include identifying monopolies in digital markets, looking into whether major […]

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  • A new book on AIM Investing is underway

    And we want to include clients, subscribers, and fans of JJJ Investing Services. If you are reading this blog post, that means you! If you have over $1 Million in a long term investment account – or want to be one of those people – this book is “aimed” especially at you. Why write another […]

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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: New Rates for AIM Investing Advice Begin on February 1, 2019

    Have you been wondering (or wishing) if your investments could have done better in 2018? If so, you aren’t alone. Our markets have been giving most investors a real struggle for the past couple of years. Meanwhile, for those people using the AIM investing method, there have been great things happening! If you ever wanted to […]

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  • AIM Investing Information on YouTube

    Robert Lichello was the creator of the AIM system – the Automated Investing Method.  His book  How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically was first published in 1977. This amazing system has taught people how to scientifically and reliably buy stocks low, sell stocks high, and earn reliable profits over a lifetime – through up […]

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  • 3 ways to get free updates from JJJ Investing Services

    Achieving the happiness from a secure retirement takes attention over time. When you stay aware of trends and opportunities, you can learn how to profit from them like I have. To help more people benefit from the power of the Automated Investing Method (AIM), I’m also learning how to do better over time with modern […]

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  • The best website for AIM investing in 2018

    In 2018, retirement investing will be even more urgent – and challenging – for millions of people. Yet another year of low interest rates means we can’t rely on growth from our savings. Tax law changes and economic uncertainties continue to bring lots of stress and anxiety. Are fees and expenses from actively managed investments […]

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  • Apple: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of App Store Sales

    Summary Apple App Store customers opt for other Apple devices based on apps already purchased. The gap between Apple and Google downloads is widening, not shrinking. Apps revenue to ultimately drive more sales of Apple computer products. App Annie Report: Facts, Figures and the Future App Annie released their 2015 retrospective and it makes for […]

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