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Practical Application of Trading Education There is a wealth of knowledge available to help investors of all experience levels become more profitable and to expand their portfolios into new markets. While some of that is the simply the daily analysis of markets and even the world news that is needed to keep up to date on areas of emphasis, devoting a percentage of your day to furthering your education and understanding of various markets and strategies is an investment that always yields dividends.

While many investors read the articles or watch the videos available from many sources in an attempt to gain greater insight and understanding, the actual conversion of this knowledge to higher profits sometimes is overlooked. This is remedied by remembering two things-

1. The goal of learning and education in financial markets is to garner not only increased understanding, but also increased profits. Stay focused in your mindset while reading or watching the videos by asking yourself "How can I use this in my investments?" or "Does this fit with my investment strategies and why or why not?" This will make you get more from the time spent than learning a few buzzwords to use on the forums or when talking to fellow investors and make the time spent actually pay off.
2. Part of the learning is gaining an understanding of how to turn knowledge and theory into practical application and actually implementing the knowledge. This is like the difference between having a college degree that demonstrates the understanding of terms and principals into practical experience that demonstrates the ability to use knowledge to realize a desired result. It does not matter how much you learn if you cannot apply that information in a way that is profitable to you.

Application of Knowledge in 3 steps To get the most out of the time you spend reading about new techniques or watching the educational videos follow a process that will ensure meaningful results. While it will reduce the variety and quantity of new information and knowledge acquired on a daily or weekly basis, it will make it substantially more useful and of greater benefits.

Start by Evaluating the Concept or Information being presented

Not all information is equal or of equal value to you. This part is really a natural step that occurs when reading or watching and you find yourself interested or not, and if you find yourself thinking it has merit to your approach to investing. It is very common to read or see something, think it is an excellent idea, and then 2 hours to have forgotten about it entirely once you have gone back to your daily routine. Instead, choose to take it a step further and either do that step or plan in time for another step as soon as you have determined it has merit. As an example, the video Strategy Trading Using Next Day Predictive Highs and Lows available at INO is an excellent resource of interest to many investors.

Determine if you can apply the Concept Using the above referenced video as an example, most would agree it has valid concepts. Instead of simply watching it and appreciating it has useful information and forgetting about it in two hours, look at how you can or do apply it. The application of the concepts is the part that makes the information have any value. Since that concepts of predictive highs and lows involves charts and indicators, the first thing to determine if you can apply it is whether you have access to or can reproduce the charts it references on a daily basis. If there are new concepts or indicators that you do not use in your daily trading, finding out how to access that information is crucial. As an example, if use the common MT4 platform, then it may be worth spending a few minutes at www.alpari.com to watch the Trading with Charts video.

This second step takes the knowledge from the educational video about using predictive highs and lows, and will demonstrate how you can actually apply it on the platform you are using by accessing the correct information and charts to do so. This turns a concept into a usable strategy.

Practice to Gain Proficiency Once you have found a concept of merit, and learned the mechanics of how it works within the system you use for trading, actually try to use it. Whether it is simply plugging in the appropriate indicators and data so you can use it in the future as a vague reference, or to apply it with use on either a demo account or to do some small actual trades, it is only by the actual use of the concept that you will realize an actual gain or even the potential for actual gain. It is the real reason it is worth your time to gain knowledge - to use that knowledge to increase profits.

Here is a summary showing how a Closed-End portfolio, Conservative portfolio, semi-aggressive portfolio and Dow Jones portfolio have done over the past 10 years - AIM is long-term system and you will see below just how good it works for you over the long haul.

Semi-Agressive Portfolio 10-Year Returns

Dow Jones Portfolio 10-Year Returns

Conservative Portfolio 10-Year Returns

Closed-End Fund Portfolio 10-Year Returns

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Aim Resources on the Web

AIM Advise Calculator

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AUGUST 2006 - APRIL 2012

ALTRIA JAN 14 STRIKE 17.5010.00132,750326,549146%
AM EXPRESS JAN 14 STRIKE 4015.50105,000114,7389%
CITIBANK JAN 14 STRIKE 2017.25136,2508,926(93%)
COCA-COLA JAN 14 STRIKE 5515.5573,500195,922167%
DISNEY JAN 14 STRIKE 2023.0060,00091,67353%
GEN ELEC JAN 14 STRIKE 109.3067,37534,634(51%)
IBM JAN 14 STRIKE 16546.75141,000527,400274%
KRAFT JAN 14 STRIKE 309.4536,75060,94666%
MCDONALDS JAN 14 STRIKE 7028.0072,750385,644430%
MERCK JAN 14 STRIKE 2513.0581,00083,9404%

LEAPS are off and running. Switched from Jan 13 to Jan 14 LEAPs. Jan 14 In The Money Call LEAPS UP 8% this month. - lots of cheap buys and we have plenty of cash, UP a total of 114%, since August 06 (we count six months owned Jan 08 LEAPs) which includes profit of $138,685 carried over from previous Jan 08 in the money LEAPs. In the money merely means that the stock is currently at a higher price than the Strike price listed. Will add the $138,685 profit made from the 08s we held for 6 months to figure gains. We added Kraft because Altria spun off Kraft giving Altria shareholders .7 shares of Kraft for each share of Altria owned.





Value Investment Software




AUGUST 2006 - APRIL 2012

ALTRIA JAN 14 STRIKE 302.0817,25058,057237%
AM EXPRESS JAN 14 STRIKE 508.8527,00047,89377%
CITIBANK JAN 14 STRIKE 40.005.1044,625(23,516)(153%)
COCA-COLA JAN 14 STRIKE 704.8011,62581,947605%
DISNEY JAN 14 STRIKE 3510.8011,2509,726(13%)
GEN ELEC JAN 14 STRIKE 202.0017,12513,502(21%)
IBM JAN 14 STRIKE 19030.1745,000353,401685%
KRAFT JAN 14 STRIKE 356.007,87517,813126%
MCDONALDS JAN 14 STRIKE 8516.0016,500291,9371,669%
MERCK JAN 14 STRIKE 402.5220,25042,150108%

This month for blue chip deep out of the money Jan 14 DEEP OUT OF THE MONEY Call LEAPS show a 20% GAIN this month, up to 322%, including previous Jan 08 LEAPs' profits. McDonalds & IBM worth more than starting amount. Switched Jan 14 LEAPs. Deep out of the money means the strike prices are much higher than the current price of the stock.



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