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Introducing my newsletter perfectly suited to my book I Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Make Money. The book gives you the car and the newsletter gives the gas to make it go. Every month you’ll get the latest list of stocks that work best for the system and interesting articles, web sites, and investing books to improve your investing. You’ll also see how well AIM (Automatic Investment Management) Lichello’s name for his system works on 5 model portfolios – Dow Jones stocks, Dogs of the Dow stocks, Dogs of the Dow LEAPs, and an In the Money and Out of the Money LEAPs portfolio with household names like merck, McDonalds, Disney, GE, etc.

Neither the newsletter nor I represent any company or investment. The whole reason I started this newsletter and investing advising business was to let you regain control over your financial destiny. Who cares more about your money than you? The newsletter and my investing book give you the highest profits with the least risk.