Services we Offer

I offer a free Adobe Acrobat version of my book at my web site – With your free book I also offer you a free one-year version of my monthly investing newsletter that gives you the best stocks and LEAPs (long-term options) to invest in. My Dogs of the Dow portfolio of LEAPs is up 88% in 2 years. You will also receive free bonuses showing ETFs that offer LEAPs, sample blank Excel spreadsheets to use for your investments and a chance to hire me to help you.


You can also buy a spiral-bound copy of my investing book – I Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Make Money for $55.


If you like my method of investment but don’t feel completely confident to start on your own then you can hire me to manage your portfolio for as long as you want. I charge very reasonable fees which are negotiable depending on how much you want to invest. My fees are on average about $300 for 6 months. For these fees I help you pick what to invest in, I review your portfolios daily to let you know any buy or sells you need to make or that you don’t need to do anything. My system will always tell you the right amount to buy or sell and I will use the Bear strategies in my book to ensure you buy at the lowest prices when the market is going down.


You can make good profits in both Bull and Bear markets because I will tell you to buy Calls when the market is bullish and Puts when the market is bearish – all this is clearly explained in my book.