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About Us

JJJ Investing Systems is the company I founded to run my investing business. It is named for my lovely wife Judy, my lovely daughter Jinty and me Jeff. We live in sunny San Antonio, Texas USA where I am semi-retired (enjoying this investing business) thanks to many years of profits from the AIM system. Now I now teach other people how to scientifically buy low, sell high, and earn profits over a lifetime.

Our Services

If you like my method of investment but don’t feel completely confident to start on your own then you should consider one of my services or products. I charge very reasonable fees which are negotiable depending on how much you want to invest.

Our Works

I offer a free PDF version of my first investing book if you request it. At 350 pages is tells you everything you need to know about AIM. Many people requested I make a shorter version, which I then published as a new and updated book in 2017. It is available on Amazon.  With the purchase of either book you’ll receive a free one-year subscription to my monthly investing newsletter. You can read more about the newsletter and request my original book here.