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Announcement from JJJ Investing Services – new rates in effect to get help on using AIM with stock options trading

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As one of my readers, I want to reach out with hope that you and your family have been managing as well as possible during all the challenges happening in our world recently. Global pandemics, economic shutdowns, now violent riots… what could be next??

At least we still have a stock market that is doing well (when I write this). In fact, it is setting records for positive jumps in a single day. So little in our world makes sense now. I admit that I don’t understand most of it even though I have been alive a long time and have seen a lot from serving in the US Army and living in South Korea, Germany, and San Antonio Texas. 

I can’t explain how and why the stock market is doing so well either. But it is! And it has been seeing incredible swings up and down. We just had the best month ever in the history of AIM with LEAPS – May 2020. My clients and newsletter subscribers saw all the numbers in the latest newsletter. 
Even better was the people who are using AIM with LEAPS and saw the numbers in their own investing account portfolios!

For those new to these topics, AIM is Automated Investment Management, originally developed by Robert Lichello. It is a scientific and logical way to always buy low, sell high, and earn profits from the inevitable ups and downs in the market. Since Lichello created AIM, LEAPS were established – Longterm Equity Anticipation Securities. These are long term stock options. LEAPS have higher leverage and volatility than the stocks they represent. But when you use AIM and my rules they are 100% safe to invest in.

Today is the perfect example that the stock market DOES NOT always follow newspaper headlines. This is why I urge AIM investors NOT to try to time the market by selling everything and waiting…for something? I don’t know what! AIM will take care of you with unexpected sells and bear buys. Some of the model portfolios have gone through every Bear Market – including the meltdown 2000-2002 & the Financial Meltdown 2008-2009.   
The In the Money portfolio – in 14 years it went thru the Financial Meltdown and was up 321% this month to 1,184% in last 14 years!!
The Dow Jones Stocks portfolio is 27 years old, went thru the meltdown 2000-2002 & Financial Meltdown and is up 69% this month and a total of 966% in 27 years with only stocks because LEAPS weren’t invented till many years later!

If you are not using AIM for some of your investments or savings, ask yourself why not. These results speak for themselves. Everything you need to use AIM has been laid out for you in my books and my videos. All that is missing is your decision to learn how to use AIM. Or decide you will get my help which is what I’m here to do and why I do all of this work every day.  

The extreme volatility of the markets in recent times have led to tremendous profits for people using AIM, as you just saw. This has also been a major increase in profits for my clients. Hopefully you can appreciate it has been a major increase in my time and workload too. It’s rewarding to know people are grateful for my services and teaching, which they tell me. As people see the wild swings in the market and look for ways to profit from them, people are hearing about this thing called AIM with stock options trading and then they are calling or emailing me for help or information every day of the week. 

For all these reasons, including the fact that my best clients (those who follow my teaching and who promptly tell me about all of their trades so I can update or check their spreadsheets for them) are making thousands, tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars with AIM while most other investors are not. My old rate is simply not fair to me – or the increasing number of clients who are expecting my friendly, prompt, and accurate service. Here comes the kicker as they say.

Starting immediately for all my new clients, my rate to help you is $200 per month. That is a big increase Jeff you might say. It is but look again at the results from last month. When you see a long list of LEAPS that went up 100-200% in a single month and you have a lifetime system automatically earning profits with AIM, $200/month for six months is still a very small and smart investment. (Honestly next year in 2021 I expect my rates will increase again a substantial amount.)

If you want a deal of a lifetime I hope you will see that this qualifies. AIM has proven itself for over 30 years. Actually much longer thanks to Robert Lichello, the inventor of AIM, but that is how long I have been proving it just myself! You get all of those years of experience with AIM when I help you. (Some say I should be charging $200+/hour which is reasonable if you consider other professionals, so $200/month is still a very small step in that direction.) Contact me at to become a new client.

I am considering some incentives and benefits for people who help refer other clients to me. I greatly appreciate getting those referrals, and now that my rates have some ability for a referral discount I intend to offer that. If you are a subscriber to my monthly newsletter you will learn more as I release it. But nothing will be as good as getting my help now so you don’t miss out on future profits. Or maybe you are using AIM but having as much success as you want. I am here to help you, but I realized I can’t give away my time and knowledge for pennies on the dollar – or pennies on the hundreds or thousands of dollars! 
Sincerely, Jeff

Jeffrey Weber is not an investment adviser and gives only his personal view and opinion, never making any investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. Investors in financial assets must do so at their own responsibility and with due caution as they involve a significant degree of risk. Before investing in financial assets, investors should do their own research and consult a professional investment adviser.

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