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Announcing the #1 New Release in Options Trading – AIM for Millions With Stock Options by Jeff Weber

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We are very proud and excited to announce the latest book from Jeff Weber, the owner of JJJ Investing Services and the world’s leading teacher on Automated Investment Management (AIM) with long term options (LEAPS):

AIM for Millions with Stock Options

AIM for Millions with Stock Options book
#1 New Release in Options Trading

As the third book on investing by Jeff Weber, it is tailored to wealthy investors who want to profit from FAANGS (Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, Netflix, and Goggle – alias Alphabet).

The book is also a major improvement on his previous books. It is easier to read, follow, and notate due to the paperback full size (8.5” X 11”) with larger font size (14 pt), and full color interior. Actual spreadsheets and calculations are provided.

And – for the exclusive first timeactual set-by-step screenshots of online brokerage account transactions are provided.

AIM for Millions with Stock Options will benefit AIM investors big and small. If you don’t have million-dollar portfolios yet, this book will help you get to the point where you can invest in FAANGS.

Would you like to look over the shoulder of Jeff Weber as he shows you how to take every step with AIM and LEAPS with your online brokerage account? You will get that in this book.

Are your investing dollars working as hard as they can to grow year after year for you? Or is your portfolio making more money for other people like the fund managers, investing advisors, and company shareholders?

For over 30 years, methodical investors have benefitted from reliably high profits by using Automatic Investment Management (AIM) first developed by Robert Lichello. AIM is a scientific and systematic strategy to always buy low, sell high and profit from the continuous volatility in the stock market.

Even with ten of the “boring” Dogs of the Dow stocks, a portfolio that used AIM would have increased 70% from January 2014 to May 2019. How many investors can say they’ve seen a 70% increase in one of their portfolios over the last five years?

But that is just the beginning. With the creation of Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) in 1990, a unique opportunity to profit even more from AIM was introduced. With LEAPS, investors have the dual benefits of greater control (one contract contains 100 options) plus greater profits due to the larger volatility that comes from options.

Investing in the LEAPS of those same ten Dogs of the Dow companies, your portfolio would have increased 485% over the same timeframe using the AIM method.

Early responses from the clients of JJJ Investing Services agree that this is by far the best book yet from Jeff Weber. He wrote it to benefit you and every person who wants to be a successful investor with the AIM method.

Buy it now during its first week and you will save 25% off the permanent price! We also highly recommend that you purchase the paperback format. It is in full color, the full size of 8.5×11”, and much easier to write notes in so you can highlight the key points, do the math along with the spreadsheets, and follow the examples that are included.

We have also set the Amazon pricing so that anyone who buys the paperback will get the Kindle Ebook format for FREE! So buy the paperback and you will still get the ebook anyway as an additional bonus.

Click this link or the book image below to get the latest book about AIM investing with LEAPS (and the #1 New Release in the Options Trading category on Amazon) :

AIM for Millions with Stock Options
Disclaimer: Jeffrey Weber is not an investment adviser 
and gives only his personal view and opinion, never making 
any investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell 
specific securities. Investors in financial assets must 
do so at their own responsibility and with due caution as 
they involve a significant degree of risk. Before investing 
in financial assets, investors should do their own research 
and consult a professional investment adviser.

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