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Beware of Twitter imposters when searching for AIM investing with LEAPS!

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One of my Twitter followers this week gave me an unpleasant surprise. Someone had copied my name, profile, and even my website posing as JJJ Investing Services!

My business partner told me this often happens with celebrities. I guess that means I have hit the “big time” in investing advice??

You should know that I actually have OVER 150,000 FOLLOWERS on my Twitter account: @jjjinvesting.

When you are looking for the best information on investing, long term options, and Automated Investment Management (AIM) as originally created by Robert Lichello, please do not fall for the imposters!

I am the only person who has been using and teaching his system for the past 30+ years. My results speak for themselves.

For instance, Sergio used AIM with LEAPS on SPXL to increase his portfolio value from $7,710 to $10,505 (36% growth) just within the month of May 2020.

But AIM is a long term method. My “Dogs of the Dow” LEAPS portfolio has increased 434% from January 2014 to May 2020. (My newsletter subscribers see the details every month.)

Has your 401K or IRA quadrupled in size in the past 6 years?

Meanwhile, Mark’s investment in AAPL has increased from $128,390 to $213,280 (66% profits) from January to May this year.

Unfortunately, there are imposters out there. Stay away from them!

Please make sure you are following my real account on Twitter if you want to see the tweets about investing, the markets, and occassional commentary that I send out every day. I am the one and only @jjjinvesting.

Thank you to all of my loyal followers and subscribers who are looking out for me and every other investor who wants to profit over a lifetime with the scientific method to always buy low, sell high, and earn profits over a lifetime. If you have any questions or see anything that looks suspicious, I want to hear from you.

Sincerely, Jeff

DISCLAIMER: Jeffrey Weber is not an investment adviser and gives only his personal view and opinion, never making any investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. Investors in financial assets must do so at their own responsibility and with due caution as they involve a significant degree of risk. Before investing in financial assets, investors should do their own research and consult a professional investment adviser.

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