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7 big reasons not to use AIM for investing

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My business partner Brett and I put together a survey to ask people why they aren’t using the AIM investing method yet.

For those who have started, we asked what their biggest challenge is with using AIM – the Automated Investing Method.

We thank everyone for their replies.  The answers fell into a few major categories.  Here they are along with my responses to you all in the form of this blog article. (More answers and direct help are available from me too, which you’ll see when you keep reading.)

Challenge #1: Lack of knowledge about AIM

A lot of people said they aren’t using AIM for reasons like these:

“Lack of know-how”

“Would like direct coaching to make sure I understand it correctly”
“I want a guidance on AIM”
“Need guidance on investing”
“Getting started with AIM”
“Planning how to use AIM”
“Would like direct coaching to make sure I understand AIM correctly”

Jeff’s answer:

You can have my personal help for 6 months. I will educate you on the best investments based on the amount of money you have to start with.

I will set up your spreadsheets and show you your next buy and sell prices.

I will look up your LEAPS closing prices and advise you on whether you have a buy, sell or do nothing.

I can call you every day and let you know how your investments are doing.  You are very welcome to ask me any questions you have and learn AIM and grow your knowledge every day.

After 6 months of my daily help you will be very knowledgeable about all aspects of using my AIM investing method.

You can decide to continue having me help you on a regular basis or can do AIM on your own at that point.

If a daily phone call is too much, we can arrange a weekly or 2x/week schedule.  You don’t need to check your AIM portfolio every day. In fact, I will show you how to set your next buy and sell prices as “Good Til Canceled” or GTC so that AIM automatically does your buying and selling for you.  That’s the beauty of AIM!

This personal help for 6 months is available right now for only $200.  You won’t find any other person willing to give you so much time and effort towards your success with AIM investing.

Challenge #2: Not enough money to invest with AIM

Some people had answers like these:

“I’m low on cash”
“lack of funds”
“Nothing to invest”
“not enough funding”
“Money shortage”
“not enough funds to start”

Jeff’s answer:

I can help you learn AIM by using a paper trading account. We trade AIM “on paper” only.

I will help you pick out the right investments, set up spreadsheets, call you daily and teach you AIM.

You will quickly learn to invest using AIM. Then when you do have money we can set up a real AIM trading account.

You can start investing with AIM using as little as $1,000. So for many of these people they may actually be able to start sooner than they thought.  If that includes you, contact me so you can get started too!

Challenge #3: I’m afraid I will lose money in the market

Jeff’s answer:

You need to be more concerned with not making profits in the stock market. My AIM investing method is very safe. It has worked for over 25 years and will continue to work. You will have “paper” losses at times but you use those dips to buy more LEAPS contracts at bargain prices. They will go up later and make you real profits.

You might be wondering, what if those prices never go up again?  That’s where picking the right stocks for AIM is important. My Dogs of the Dow portfolio is one of my favorites, and it has stocks that will last a long time.  Companies like Verizon, IBM, Exxon Mobile, Proctor and Gamble, Coca-Cola, GE.  The Dogs of the Dow are the 10 stocks that pay the highest dividends.

You might have temporary paper losses when the LEAPS from these companies go down. But do you really think the prices will be permanently down?  No, these companies will be around for a long time.  (And if it looks like they won’t be, we adjust quickly.)  Plus, being high dividend stocks means you are earning those dividends too!

The reason most people don’t succeed in the stock market is because they let their emotions get the better of them.  It’s either greed or fear.  Or both.  AIM solves that because it is a scientific and systematic way to always buy low, sell high, or do nothing.  If you are afraid of losing money you should be more afraid of being a victim to your fear for the rest of your life.  You are missing out on the great benefits of AIM, where you don’t have to worry whatever happens with the market. AIM will make buy and sell decisions for you.  Contact me so I can show you how.

Challenge #4: I’m an international investor (not in the United States)

Some people think trading U.S. companies isn’t allowed. One person said trading fees in Singapore were excessive.

Jeff’s answer:

I have an investor in Australia and another in Japan who can trade American stocks and LEAPS.  Ask around and you will likely be able to find a stock broker in your country who lets you trade American investments.

AIM will make you very high profits that will offset high commissions. Check with your friends in Singapore who invest and see if there is a cheaper way to invest that what you are currently doing.

Situation #5: I like other investing methods better

Some people gave responses like these:

“I fully understand the technical mechanism of AIM’s position-sizing dynamics and for myself there are more attractive active-management strategies available”
“Comparing it with value averaging I like that better”
“I’ve been preoccupied doing other investment techniques”

Jeff’s answer:

If you have a better way of investing then you should stick with it. AIM has what every investment method should have: the contrarian approach to buying low and selling high. The basic AIM strategy will help you in other areas of investing.

Challenge #6: Lack of motivation

Some responses were like these:

“It’s probably laziness on my part”
“I have not checked it out enough yet”

Jeff’s answer:

Hire me to help you manage your portfolio. I won’t be lazy.  You can still be lazy and will be able to check AIM out as we work together.

Challenge #7: Lack of time to test & validate AIM

Some people said they want to “back test” AIM, which means looking backward in time to see how AIM would have done now that you know how prices went up and down over time.

Jeff’s answer:

You don’t need to back test it because I have already done that. Look at my newsletter and you will see one portfolio of the same 10 stocks using AIM since 1993 – 25 years ago. That portfolio is up 916%. Two other LEAPS portfolios are over 12 years old. They went through the financial meltdown of 2008-2009. The In the Money LEAPS portfolio is up 501%. The Out of the Money portfolio is up 542%.

Perhaps what these people really need is a better understanding of how AIM works. Once you understand it you will know that back testing is an academic exercise. As long as prices go up or down AIM does the trading decisions for you and it works every time.  Contact me so we can set a time for me to explain it to you over the phone or a video call.  That is how most people learn it best, we’ve found.


I hope my answers to these big concerns help you see the benefit of using AIM to invest. If you have any questions about starting AIM investing please email them to me at


Disclaimer: Jeffrey Weber is not an investment adviser and gives only his personal view and opinion, never making any investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. Investors in financial assets must do so at their own responsibility and with due caution as they involve a significant degree of risk. Before investing in financial assets, investors should do their own research and consult a professional investment adviser.

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Jeff Weber is an investor, author, and former US Army auditor. He is on a mission to help as many people as possible buy low, sell high, and earn lifetime profits using the AIM system.

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