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New video on YouTube: A look inside our AIM investing monthly newsletter (Part 1)

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In our latest video, recently published on YouTube, Jeff Weber shows you some of the content in our monthly newsletter on AIM investing (the Automated Investing Method).

AIM was first developed by Robert Lichello who used it for stock investing. Jeff has used and improved on his system over the last 30 years. The biggest improvement has been using AIM with LEAPS – long term options. With options, their prices change more frequently and when they do change the prices are more dramatic. This gives you more opportunities to buy low, sell high, and therefore make more money.

In this video Jeff will show you these sections of our monthly newsletter:

  • Welcome message, which shows that Jeff’s very first AIM portfolio that started in 1993 has grown from $15,000 to over $154,000.
  • Dedication – Jeff does this for his wife, daughter, and grandchildren
  • Investing anecdote of the month
  • AIM investing tip of the month
  • Investing book recommendation of the month
  • Investing website recommendation of the month
  • AIM investing reference websites
  • AIM Good Start Recommendations – the best stocks (LEAPS) to buy if you are just getting started with AIM investing

There is more in every monthly newsletter too. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, turn on notifications, and stay tuned for our next video where Jeff will show you more of what is in our newsletter.

You can get the FIRST YEAR FREE of this newsletter (and a copy of Jeff’s first book) by going to the FREE OFFERS page of our website.

The free book you can receive is Jeff’s first book which is over 300 pages long.

You can also obtain Jeff’s latest book which condenses this information and knowledge into a short read at 60 pages long: Here Are The Customers’ Yachts

You can also follow us on Twitter: @jjjinvesting

Thanks for watching this video. Use AIM so you can earn profits automatically over a lifetime.

Disclaimer: Jeffrey Weber is not an investment adviser and gives only his personal view and opinion, never making any investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. Investors in financial assets must do so at their own responsibility and with due caution as they involve a significant degree of risk. Before investing in financial assets, investors should do their own research and consult a professional investment adviser.

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